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Author: Andrea

Off Brand Delta 8

Although you may be tempted to go with an off-brand Delta 8 company you’ll want to be careful. It’s not the same as shopping for cereal where you can go for the less expensive brand. There are certain risks and health concerns associated with going with off-brands.The most common issues with off-brand Delta 8 are […]

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Heavy Metals

Another thing that third-party lab testing reviews are the heavy metals in Hemp products. Heavy metals can be found in soils, which ultimately leads to the plant absorbing them. Heavy metal testing is another common third-party test. Since cannabis plants are found in the ground, they risk being contaminated from fertilizers and heavy metals in […]

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What Third-Party Reviews Look At

CBD and THC third-party investigations examine several components, including things like cannabinoids, pesticides, heavy metals, etc. Potency testing can prove that the labeling of a product is actually accurate. The potency tests look for 15 different cannabinoids.Third-party tests will also review the pesticides being used in every cannabis product. Some of these pesticides, which are […]

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